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It is easy to say that as vignerons we set out to produce wines of outstanding quality; wishful thinking even.

But we truly believe we get this right most of the time, notwithstanding the vagaries of each new season. This is possible for a couple of reasons. 

Solitude Estate Yarra Valley Vines and Clouds
Solitude Estate Yarra Valley Vineyard Afternoon
Solitude Estate Yarra Valley Vineyard
Solitude Estate Vines


Our unique cool climate location at Yellingbo in the southern hills of the Yarra Valley has favoured us with a consistent playing field when it comes to growing fruit that can slowly ripen, acquiring good balance, finesse and flavour.

  • “Not a day goes by without learning something new here, which in turn refines our management of the vineyard, and ultimately translates to superior wines.”

    GREG KERR Vineyard Manager

A Special Legacy

We have also benefitted handsomely from the forbearance of Laurie and Vivienne Kerr, the founders of Tibooburra Vineyard.

Like many who have gravitated to viticulture, my parents were not of farming stock. Optimism, generosity and a sense of “we’ll give it a go” underwrote the first plantings in 1996.

From Little Things Big Things Grow

So here we are, more than 50 years after buying some land here, with about 80 acres under vine in a part of the upper Yarra that is quite hilly, clothed by forests and fed by a network of perennial streams.

Such is this natural abundance that we are now the custodians of a number of strategic conservation reserves, a programme that my parents started in the 1980s, well before funding became available.

It is a side-line of which my family is tremendously proud, and one that will hopefully enhance the survival prospects of rare and endangered species including the helmeted honeyeater and Leadbeater’s possum.

Each new season is approached with the same cautious optimism – and the same desire to achieve something better – that prevailed when our first fence posts went in.

And respectfully we continue to acknowledge the wonderful legacy of Laurie and Vivienne Kerr, and the name Tibooburra that is so much a part of their story.

Our Wines


The 2020 Solitude Yarra Valley Pinot Noir has bright red cherry and raspberry notes, with some herbal and toasty characters, and that characteristic upper Yarra “ripple”.



The 2021 Solitude Yarra Valley Chardonnay is a nicely integrated wine, balancing mineral characters with hints of hay, citrus and blossom on the nose.”



The 2019 Solitude Yarra Valley Shiraz has less grunt than its 2016 equivalent, and expresses northern Rhone attributes including spice, blood plum and tar, with a refined but well weighted texture.



The 2017 Tibooburra Yarra Valley Pinot Noir has the classic refined hallmarks of the upper Yarra Valley… lovely rose petal bouquet and a bright berry characters with hints of forest floor. (Until stocks last)

Tibooburra Pinot Noir 2017


The 2017 Tibooburra Yarra Valley Chardonnay is a fine example of a cool Yarra Valley vintage, with an elegant minerally texture, and subtle citrus and kaffir lime fragrances. (Until stocks last)

Tibooburra Chardonay 2017



Solitude Estate wines typically show lively primary fruit characters and good structure built on natural acid and careful selection of French oak. Our all-encompassing goal is for these wines to reflect the unique terroir of our vineyard.


The vineyard is situated on elevated ridges in view of the Dandenongs and the Great Divide. It is encircled by a series of nature conservation reserves which protect rare and endangered species.


Did you know that some of our wines are made from clones that originate from the foothills of the Andes in Argentina (the Mendoza Chardonnay clone) and Burgundy in France (the Abel and BU115 Pinot Noir clones).


Try our Shiraz with a spicy pizza or Scotch fillet. What about pairing our Pinot Noir with Christmas ham or anti-pasta, or our Chardonnay with steamed fish or roast chicken.

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