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Seasonal Update – Spring 2019

We’ve been busy training our vines through the growth spurts of a frenetic mid-Spring, highlighted by high rainfall (100 mm so far this month), strong winds, and contrasting warm and cold weather fronts. Through all this, the vine health remains excellent, and we look to be on track for a good harvest come 2020.


Solitude Estate Yarra Valley Vines and Clouds

Seasonal Update – Spring 2018

One of the privileges of being an estate wine producer is to offer wines that truly reflect the growing conditions of each season, as well as some of the complexity that comes with vine age.

In healthy vineyards, vine roots tap into deeper subsoils and clays, allowing wines to express mineral characters and subtleties that reflect the true identity of the site.


Winter Fire at Solitude Estate Tibooburra Vineyard

Seasonal Update – Winter 2017

Since our last bulletin, it’s been business as usual up here at Solitude Estate.

The vineyard is continuing to flourish, with increased vine age now beginning to reflect in the complexity and character of each new vintage.

While much of our fruit continues to background some of the most prestigious labels in Victoria, we reserve the very best parcels for the Tibooburra estate and Solitude labels.


Solitude Estate Tibooburra Vineyard Seasonal Update Autumn 2017

Seasonal Update – Autumn 2017

“Unlike the 2016 vintage that was all over by 12 March, the 2017 Upper Yarra harvest marks a return to  more consistent, even  temperatures and an “Indian summer” running well into early April.

This means that the grapes have remained on the vine longer, slowly acquiring that vital balance between sugar and natural acid, while building the characters that are unique to the terroir of Tibooburra Vineyard.

The last of our varieties, Shiraz, is not scheduled for picking until late April. The resultant wines promise to be special across the board.”

Solitude Estate Tibooburra Vineyard Seasonal Update Autumn 2016

Seasonal Update – Autumn 2016

One of the truly special experiences of being a wine producer is assessing each individual wine as it matures in the barrel. And, occasionally, you are rewarded by a Holy Grail moment when a particular wine stands out as being all that you hoped it would be – and more. 


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